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The Best Mobile Photography Gifts For The Tech Savvy Shutterbug

The Best Mobile Photography Gifts For The Tech Savvy Shutterbug

With black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, stores are now moving into full on Christmas mode. We put together 9 of our favorite stocking stuffers for the gadget lovers out there who love mobile photography.

1. Moment Lens | ($99) Buy Here

The Moment lens is another kickstarter alumnus, and they have the whole branding thing locked down. Their site is beautiful, and the founders put a combined 25 years of experience into crafting their ultra-luxe lenses and cases.

2. Polar Pro Underwater GoPro Lenses ($49) Buy Here

Polar Pro was recently funded on Shark Tank, and for good reason. Their awesome gopro filters give you some serious firepower when shooting in all kinds of conditions, and they are durable enough to last the toughest winter, or the harshest underwater climates.

3. The Pocket Spotlight ($30) Buy Here

We all know the iPhone flashlight is handing, but it doesn't compare to this pocket flash that plugs right into your audio jack. Capture nighttime photos, blind intruders, and find the remote under the couch with the pocket spotlight from PhotoJoJo

Pock Spotlight

4. Jump Cable | Native Union ($49) Buy Here

The jump cable is a nifty charge and sync cable that also doubles as a pocket size back up battery. Super useful when you are trekking through the wilderness to get that perfect shot, but are running a little low on juice.


5. Gnarbox - Gopro Cloud Storage ($199) Pre-Order here

The Gnarbox is hot off a crowdfunding campaign that raised well over a quarter of a million dollars. They aim to solve the age old problem of file storage by providing an external hard drive that automatically backs up to the cloud whenever their is wifi around. A must for GoPro Adventurers that have Terrabytes worth of footage.


6. MonoShot - iPhone & GoPro Tripod ($59) Buy Here

Full disclosure, we actually make these. But if you're looking for a lightweight, multi-use tripod for your iPhone or GoPro, the MonoShot will fit the bill. Use code 'kick15' for 15% off your order, and free shipping anywhere in the US.


7. Nomad Car Charger ($39) Buy Here

Nomad is another Santa Barbara company that makes rad accessories for life on the go. From Beautiful Apple watch straps to portable charges and batteries, they have you covered. This car charger doubles as a backup battery, so you can toss it in your bag when you've hit your campground.


8. OlloClip 4 in 1 Telephoto Lens ($119) Buy Here

The OlloClip is a portable lense and mount system for your iPhone, and these guys have been cranking out quality lenses for over 4 years. If you want the best and the original, than the OlloClip telephoto is the way to go. 


9. Artifact Uprising - iPhone Prints ($29) Buy Here

Artifiact Uprising is a startup founded in 2012 with a mission to turn those amazing pictures you capture with your iPhone into gallery quality prints and frames. They use recycled book paper, and add an Artisinal touch to almost everything they do.



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